Parking Lots

What are the benefits of concrete vs. asphalt?

The price of asphalt, which is a derivative of crude oil, has been rising dramatically.  Concrete pricing has remained relatively stable and will remain stable in years to come.  A properly designed concrete parking lot can be installed for the same price as an asphalt parking area. 

By choosing a concrete parking area, you are selecting a more durable paving material that will require much less maintenance over the course of its lifetime-a considerable longer life than alternative pavements.  Through its strength, durability, custom appearance, green benefits, ease of construction and return on investment, concrete parking lots and pavements are the best choice for optimal value.

Below you will see projects that used concrete parking lots:

CVS, Manton Avenue, Providence

Hertz Car Rental, Commerce Park, Coventry

Coast Realty, One Realty Way, E.Prov., RI